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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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closing arguments underway this hour in the murder trial of the men accused of killing a teenager during a home burglary in indian head park. >> welcome our viewers watching us around the country on wgn america and on the west. live at the cook county courthouse with our top story. >> evidence technician was supposed to be the last witness to take the stand this morning that did not happen. and there was also a possibility that the defendant might take the stand to testify on his own behalf. that did not happen either. instead the assistant state attorney has already begun making her closing arguments. in a packed courtroom in bridgeview the prosecution is
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using a large television monitor to display a photo of the defendant's 41 year-old and alongside his picture are bullet points of evidence with lines or arrows from those bullet points leading to wilson. wilson is accused of stabbing to death 14 year-old o'laughlin three years ago. prosecutors say o'laughlin was murdered when she entered her home and surprised wilson as he was burglarizing the house. several items were taken from the home including a cellphone which the state says the wilson used to send taunting text messages to her mother the day after the murder. authorities were able to triangulate the signal and trace it back to wilson. also dna evidence was found on a cap and that it was linked to wilson. state's attorney is in court and she is
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overseeing the prosecution's case. at the family of laughlin has been in court throughout the proceedings. they were even there the day that the very graphic photographs of the autopsy were shown as well. and they say they will stay throughout. the case could be in hands of the jury tomorrow afternoon or by wednesday. >> a man police say said his wife on fire after a accusing her of stealing $600 is expected in court today. 66 year-old roberts is charged with attempted murder and marijuana possession. he's accused of pouring rubbing alcohol on his six year-old wife and sending her on fire. she suffered third degree burns over 40 percent of for body. it happened last week outside a store in the uptown neighborhood. nw side man accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend and
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injuring a police officers who tried to stop him. 20 year-old will appear in court this afternoon charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and other crimes. accused of attacking his 19 year-old former girlfriend early sunday. an off-duty university of illinois police officer tried to pull the victim from his car but he allegedly drove away dragging the officer and later through the victim from the moving vehicle. >> funeral services today for a slain police officer in northwestern indiana. shoals was shot in the line of duty on september 5th by a man who later took his own life. the 24 year- old officer was transported to christ medical center where he was taken off life support two days later. his funeral is being held at the radisson hotel in merrillville with their role to follow. tuscaloosa close today to clear the roads for the funeral procession. a pedestrian was killed by police car in wheeling. he was leading a
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friend's house early yesterday morning when he was hit on mchenry road. the police department issued a statement acknowledging and on duty officer was involved in the crash but did not give any other details. it won in the lives near the scene said she saw the car speeding. >> another gold coast burglary. windows of a store are smashed and burglars take off with racks of designer coats. tonya francisco it is the latest in the spring of burglaries at upscale stores. >> is pretty well organized hit. they were in and out in a matter of minutes. police are now reviewing surveillance video to get a better handle on what happened inside. a witness tells me what happened happened in a matter of minutes. so fast he had no idea what was going on until police arrived. a broken door. jackets scattered about. even broken pieces of a man can only on the ground in front of the store. a woman who works in
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the area for does not want to be identified says she saw two cars and a van in front of the store but did not know what happened until police arrived. >> it sounded like a big boom. i thought it was a car accident. when i looked i noticed it was some cars and they were like coming from the area of the store and pulling off in speed. >> it was just before 4:00 in the morning when an officer for the burglar alarm. it looks as though they use a vehicle to smashed the front door and grabbed several thousand dollars' worth of coats off the rack in front of the store. the latest in a number of high-end smash and grab in the gold coast neighborhood. he is the manager of the french luxury store for children. right next door. >> a store like this at their merchandise have street value so you have people that are wanting
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those things to sell them on the black market and make a profit. >> there have been a number of these in the area. three weeks ago they hit the best buy in the john hancock center and got away with cellphones. in june another high-end clothing store for children was burglarized. two months before that they smashed a window at a store and stole several hundred thousand dollars worth of handbags and shoes and jewelry and in december they hit the jimmy to store for $20,000 in merchandise. all in the middle of the night. >> i will definitely not sleep at the store to make sure the merchandise is safe but when we are open for business is all hands on deck. eyes are open. we're paying attention to what is going on. we make eye contact with every person who walks through the door and make sure we provide excellent customer service. >> the burglary here is similar to one that happened a couple weeks ago at the louis vuitton
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store in west suburban oak brook. in that case a van with eight people inside smashed a window of the store and the all jumped out and grabbed merchandise and got away with $120,000 worth of merchandise. police say this may be the same group. right now no one is in custody. >> teachers and students and parents at a west side high school are angry and confused about the sudden firing of their principal. judy wang is live outside marshall high school with more. >> teachers and parents found a new principle here this morning. they had a lot of questions and wanted answers about principle johnson. some parents say they were told johnson's removal had something to do with the writing of a grant and cps reassigned her. that answer did not satisfy them. a new principal at
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marshall high but why. >> plan to go in there and see if i can get some answers because it is upsetting. it is degrading to this community and i want to know why. >> teachers are shaking their heads. they say it makes it eight principles in 20 years. >> so many coming through and leaving. when is it going to stop? >> johnson had just ordered her second year as principal at marshall metropolitan school. she was a member of the turnaround team they brought in to improve student performance. cps removed for friday. her colleagues claim without warning or explanation. >> is very hard. it is sad to hear this is happening to her. >> for four years it was one of the state's lowest performing schools. johnson supporters say attendance went up and attitudes changed.
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>> are all shocked. why would this happen? why would this happen? it makes no sense at all. why wouldn't you remove a principle that has done all of these great things. our behavior infractions have reduced over 50 percent at marshall high school and culture and climate is better than it ever has been before. >> one teacher says students keep asking why. and they do not know what to tell them. no comment yet from cps headquarters. a spokesman says the school district is working on a statement. >> 480 chicago public schools custodian's will lose their jobs at the end of this month. the district privatized school janitorial services to a firm in march. since then and activists groups as principals have been complaining about the cleanliness of schools. affected workers will be notified by
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september 30th. >> investigated and is launched an extra police at lincolnshire school today. someone posted a questionable message on facebook. the author complain that stevenson students are selfish and did not care about one another. spread kindness or complement each other. they did not considered a direct threat against the school but several parents kept their students out of class today anyway. the bears overcame a 17 point deficit in san francisco. the bears defense forced four turnovers. the bears win 28-20 for their biggest road comeback since 2006. now they have to deal with some injuries before the next game against the jets on monday night football. >> coming up and fl starke peterson turns himself into police in texas on a child abuse charge.
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tinley of a british man is afraid he may be the next western captive be headed by isis militants. video of the
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fellow briton murder over the weekend and did the same video they threatened to kill him next. he was kidnapped last december by gunmen while working with an aid convoy to deliver medical equipment in syria. isis militants have killed thousands of syrians and die iraqis. but the recent murders of western captives carry a greater shock value beyond the region. at an international conference today in paris officials from the number of countries will discuss ways to tackle the threat. isis might try to recruit other extremist by frenemy annie manti isis alliance as a war against muslims which means cooperation from egypt and saudi arabia in particular may be key. >> everyone in this coalition does hate isis and would be happy to see them go away but it is not clear for example that the i iraqi cd's still are more concerned about isis than about baghdad. it is not clear the saudis are more concerned about isis then i ran so this will be
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a very interesting coalition to try to hold together. >> u.s. says nearly 40 countries will help against the fight. some have offered to put troops on the ground but present obamas said u.s. troops will not play combat role. >> presents obama heads to the cdc tomorrow to talk about a plan to fight the ebola virus in west africa. the outbreak has killed 2400 people. liberia's president says her country will lose the battle if it does not get immediate aid. at the u.s. government is already committed $100 million and president obama may ask congress for another 88 million. >> for women will consult nfl commissioner to help shape the league's policy on domestic violence going forward. many fans are calling for goodell to step down after the league's handling of recent domestic violence cases. some danced
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expressed outrage yesterday. bipartisan group of 15 female u.s. senators has also sent goodell a letter asking for a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. rice will reportedly appeal his indefinite suspension from the nfl. they initially suspended him for two games for attacking his ben fiancée but when he videotaped showing him punching her the league suspended him indefinitely and the baltimore ravens cut him. yes canned reports the players union will file an appeal on his behalf today. the deadline to do that is midnight tuesday night. he may argue he is being punished twice for the same case the police as the video was worse than what he said happened. >> carolina panthers spends one of their players because of his domestic violence case. in july he was accused of threatening his then ex-girlfriend. he is appealing the ruling. panther's head coach said it was his decision to make him inactive for yesterday's game. he said it
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was in the best interest of the team but was allowed to play last week. minnesota vikings' star running back peterson did not play after he was indicted for child abuse. he is out of a texas jail after posting bail. he admitted he used a tree branch to discipline his four year-old son over the summer. prosecutors say the boy suffered cuts and bruises to multiple body parts. he has not said anything publicly about the case but he did tweaked out a picture of a page from the bible showing verses about judging in blue highlighters. he will participate in practice this week and is expected to play on sunday. >> a power outage at a new jersey embarrassment park left some riders stranded. at six flags great adventure and a faulty transformer caused some rides to stop yesterday. they were safely unloaded within 20 minutes and power was restored a short time later but the park
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was closed for the rest of the day as a precaution. customers lined up for a refund but they were denied. >> nixon during a kanye west concert in australia. he stopped the show and refuse to continue until every single audience member stood up. so he pointed out to people specifically who were still sitting. it turns out one of those people was in a wheelchair and the other had a prosthetic leg. he said his bodyguard out to double check the fans who cannot stand before going on with the show. >> i'd better not said anything. if you do not have anything nice to say. the new poll numbers in the race for u.s. senate we will break down what voters are saying. >> the winner of the miss america pageant.
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>> later on lunch break we are cooking up some seasonable recipes with a taste of home recipes with a taste of home magazine.
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isn't this romantic. it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive. the one of the few democratic senators with a lead. he is leaning over the republican challenger here in illinois by 23 points. he has 55%. seven percent are undecided and even bigger lead in cook county. he also has more support from independent voters. at all means he should not count on much national support. >> is looking for support from republican groups outside groups pushing republicans. those groups are focused on the six seats they need to pick up to overturn the democratic
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majority. >> durbin has six and a half million dollars in his campaign and the other has less than $900,000. >> the dollar rose against major currencies this midday bolstered by indications the federal reserve will address improvements in the u.s. economy. 19 deaths are now linked to gm's ignition switch. attorney announced today 19 death claims and four claims of serious injury have been found eligible so far to receive compensation. other claims submitted since august are still under review are waiting additional evidence. he did not disclose the victims' identities. gm had planned to 13 deaths and 54 accidents to faulty ignition switches but the company counted only head-on crashes where victims were the front seat and front air bags
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did not deploy. microsoft has reached an agreement to buy the hit video game, craft and its swedish developer for $2.5 billion. it is one of the most popular games ever with more than 100 million downloads since its launch in 2009. it is an open world game where players can explore and build their own virtual world from scratch. it should strengthen the company's line of windows phones currently a distant third behind apple and google android. microsoft says it will close by the end of this year. marriott is launching a campaign to get customers to tippett's maids. the company will begin this week leading envelopes at in its rooms. hundreds of hotels will participate including marriott courtyard residence inn and the ritz-carlton hotels. how much is enough? they say a tip from $1- $5 a night depending on the room
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rate. 30 percent of people did not tip the hotel made. coming up in sports to the bears rallied fourth quarter when against the forty-niners. >> what doctors say maybe were >> what doctors say maybe were stenciled for blood
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and up the bears looked like a
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different team in san francisco. they tried to spoil the opening. it down 17-0 in the final seconds of the half. hits marshal for the incredible one- handed catch. deficit down to 6 in the fourth. his first of two interceptions to set up the go- ahead touchdown. they forced four turnovers later in the fourth. jay cutler connects with marshall again for his third touchdown of the game. the bears win 20-20. >> it is tough at being in games like this but what happens is it builds character. it builds a stronger backbone. we will need it with the schedule we have and what we're trying to accomplish. it is tough to be in this situation but i think we grew a lot tonight. >> the injury for tillman he
12:28 pm
reinjured his left biceptricep.m usa facing serbia and the world cup finals. a quiet game for derrick rose. shooting and finished the tournament with only one, three pointer. the u.s. wins its second straight gold medal 129-92. the cubs going for a series win in pittsburgh up 3-0 in the fourth. the pirates turn a triple play the first one in 14 years for the cubs. the pirates scored seven unanswered runs and when it 7-3. but white sox looking to extend a four game winning streak. the twins' lead by three in the ninth. tries to spark a rally with his 35th home run. but then a rally falls short and the sox lose 6-4. still to come may be a warm up on the way. tom
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ask your doctor about invokana®. my daughter stepped outside this morning and said i may get by winter coat. >> it will be up around a.d. by the end of the week. we are not done with the warm weather yet but it sure seems that way. this has been one for the bucks. the coolest early season temperatures in 112 years and the first time we put three consecutive subbed 60 degree days together on record going back 1871. beautiful sunset to last night. from hammond indiana. that is an interesting sky. she asked what kind of
12:32 pm
clouds these are. these are cumulus clouds. mid-level clouds. grand haven michigan is next. this one from saturday. a beautiful sunset looking out across lake michigan. midway airport southwest airlines this flight was landing so they caught it mid flight. finally this beautiful summer sunset. big towering clouds being lit by the setting sun right there. this is not a picture perfect autumn day. it is cloudy. it is raining in some parts of the metro area but there is slow
12:33 pm
warming ahead. we will be flirting with at the 80s by saturday. there is nicer weather on the way. the rain occurring right now and parts of the area show up on radar. a pretty good batch to the north. the storms have lightning down in central illinois. they are clipping us with little rain showers. here is our model forecast. by morning we should be in the sun and headed for a couple of beautiful sunny days. some areas down south could get a pretty good soaking. that is the
12:34 pm
skyline. here is the north side. not a lot of wind. i suspect there will not be bennmany peope out there taking advantage of the water. it is too cold. temperatures right now. water temperature at the shoreline is 61. pic65 at o'hare
12:35 pm
yesterday. still way below normal. they'd pictures showing cooler air up north and warm air to the south. the jet stream flattens out and brings the warmer air into chicago. here you can see the progression. warmer air begins encroaching upon our area. high pressure dominates here. we have a hurricane down in baja california. that could be spreading into the southwest. they had record rain in phoenix and areas like that. even though it is warm down there right now and we expect the snow that
12:36 pm
occur in the next 10 days to stay north of us. there is the storm. heading up toward baja california. this is a vigorous hurricane with 100 mi. per hour wind and it is heading north. here is the plot of how it will move. these are various models. it we have a high confidence the track is pretty firmly set. producing 100 mi. per hour wind. i have some video we will try to show it on the 4:00 show that one of our viewers send us. it is looking pretty mean. they are warning folks from phoenix and southern arizona to get ready for some more big rain on the way. that will be in a couple days. here just spotty showers
12:37 pm
this afternoon. a high of 60 degrees. sunshine is back tomorrow. temperatures to 80 degrees by saturday. we are not done with the warm weather yet. >>
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respiratory virus has sent hundreds of children to hospital in the midwest and now has spread to the northeast. connecticut and new york to lead the states to report possible cases of enterovirus. tests respect salts expected today. the virus has been around since the 1960's but this particular strain has not been seen for a long time so lot of kids do not have the immunity for it. according to the cdc there are no available vaccines are specific treatment. sugar may be to blame for high blood pressure. in a new study researchers argue-sugar levels
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affect the key area of the brain. and can cause the heart rate to quicken and blood pressure to rise. it may cause our bodies to produce more insulin and that may also speed up the heart rate. and this at new york was crowned miss america 2015. it is the third year and no row for new york to win. she will spend the next year traveling the country speaking about her platform which is protecting women against domestic violence. she performed a popular song happy for the talent portion of the competition. [music] >> she said she plans to use her scholarship money to pay for law school at notre dame. grace
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>> to voice. we are getting seasonal for lunch break today. the sale >> in goodbye to summer. we're going to head into fall with going to head into fall with some roasted butternut squash.
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ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. warm and cozy recipes to ease into the cooler weather. the food editor at taste of home magazine. always terrific ideas but this one takes the cake. transforming a summer salad into a false salad and making it that much better for a fault soup.
12:50 pm
>> these are fantastic. these are all our contest winners for this month. this one we're focusing on fall favorites. suppose to be using fall fruits and vegetables. our grand prize winner this month is a roasted butternut squash. this is typically a summer salad. toasted bread tossed with tomatoes and cucumbers. what she has done is taken sourdough bread and posted it which is the key to the salad gives you cannot use just regular white bread. it has to have some substance to it otherwise you end up with a big pile of mush. >> is a twist on a butternut squash soup but it has more meat. >> also roasted some better not squashed that she tossed with ground ginger and cumin. we left that cool slightly. also going
12:51 pm
to add some shallots. dried cranberries. and toasted pumpkin seeds. our dressing is very simple. red wine vinegar and maple syrup and horseradish and a little rose mary. >> she got creative. i love this. >> toss this up and put on l little dressing instead of what i just did and put the whole thing on. stir this up and let it sit. i like to let it sit for about an hour so the bread soaks up the dressing and then add a little more later on. you end up with the salad here. the bread starts to soften but it still has some texture to it. >> i think that is such a great
12:52 pm
idea. >> we also have a wonderful suit. a couple different ingredients that most people have not used. celery root and parsnips. like the old-fashioned vegetables that are getting refurbished. we are mixing them up and topping them with a little bacon and time. for dessert we have a little twist on a blondie. she has taken our traditional blondie make sure and substituted some of the brown sugar with maple syrup and fold it in a lot of apples. >> why would typically be in it? >> a lot of brown sugar and butter. it is like a brownie without the chocolate. she also glaze it with some of maple syrup. a wonderful fault desert. >> like a cross between a brownie and an apple pie. the
12:53 pm
>> so really good for breakfast. >> that will get the kids up. >> we are looking for recipes all the time for contest. >> it is so great you have the best of the best. for folks at home that think they might have a great one. how did they apply? >> we have a lot of contests going on. we have some online contests as well. just go to our website and submit your recipe. there are a number of contests to enter each time. >> what is it that makes a winning recipe. what makes it go in to get chosen. >> this is a nice twist on a classic. she has made it her own. butternut squash was not her family's favorite so she
12:54 pm
tried to do it in a way that they will like. the cranberries and pumpkin seeds help her family enjoyed this a little more. anything that gives it a little bit different spin to it. is what we are looking for. not the old standbys. we're looking for your twists. things that people have done the little differently. >> does the story that go along with >> that help> yes. >> i cannot wait to try it. we have all the recipes featured in taste of home issue available on newsstands now you can also go on line to their websites and we will have the recipes we featured today at featured today at
12:55 pm
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do not fret if you do not like the cold weather today it will only be here for a little while longer.
12:57 pm
>> we will bring the sun out tomorrow. it is a brief shot of warmer air. another one later next week. beautiful autumn weather in our future just not here today. but clouds in the area. rain is passing north and south of us but we have patchy rain coming into the city as well. it gets better from here. 59 here in chicago. it is warm down to the south. we will get some of that later in the week. high pressure from canada coming into the area. a second front will drop through here and bring the southern circulation of the high-pressure passing north of the great lakes on thursday for a day. then they temperatures begin to surge. we will begin rebounding. temperatures by morning as cool as the 30's out in the suburbs.
12:58 pm
mid 60s are forecast tomorrow and to 70's on wednesday. this lays it all out. cool temperatures although a little warmer tomorrow than today. by friday the warm weather comes in. we will be flirting with 80 degrees on saturday and then a little cooler air sunday and monday. after that the warmth comes in again later next week. more on the hurricane with 100 mi. per hour wind in baja california. here is a look. that is the forecast by tomorrow evening with the bright pink and red colors in the area where the wind is the strongest. and moves up into the deserts of the southwest. an incredibly active hurricane season in the eastern pacific. 100 mi. per hour wind
12:59 pm
as we pointed out. here is where the rain will fall. heavy tropical rain goes into arizona. folks watching us in the southwest get set because of another round of the unseasonably heavy rain is on the way. interesting couple of weeks down in the southwest with bursts of heavy rain on occasion. 68 here with sunshine back tomorrow. 72 wednesday. 82 on saturday. >> that looks like a beautiful week. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> remember we are back at 5:00 >> remember we are back at 5:00 and at 9:00.
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